Sensius is a contraction of “sense” and the the most commonly used unit for measurement of temperature. A new company in the area of thermal therapy with a high ambition to reveal the true power of the concept that already exists for decades. Planning and quality control of thermal therapy are in the vision of Sensius essential to achieve effective treatment. Protocols, quality assurance, ongoing learning and improvement in the medical practice must be supported by reliable and robust equipment and software. This is the sense that Sensius wants to bring in thermal therapy. We collaborate with Erasmus Medical Center Cancer Clinic and we would be pleased to invite other institutes with a similar sense in thermal therapy to join our circle of innovation.

The founders of Sensius

The founders of Sensius

Management Team

pvdbPaul van den Biggelaar  has studied the potential of thermal therapy already for over a decade and is co-founder of Sensius. He got his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology with the long term ambition to be engaged with medical technology. Learning the essence of high-tech product development at Lucent Technologies, he broadened his experience as Director of Services at Peek Traffic. In 2005 he joined the executive team of Nucletron as business unit director and later responsible for all product development. During his time at Nucletron he got in touch with RF-based thermal therapy for the first time. In Sensius, Paul performs the role of CEO.

peter van paassen


Peter van Paassen studied Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft. He developed packaging machines and submarines and worked as a consultant for renowned product development companies in Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Later on in his career he specialized in product innovation and market strategy in healthcare. As interim manager at TNO his task was to bring the medical technology market to the researchers and visa versa. He  founded Lavoisier BV with Johannes Wolters in 2009 with the aim of establishing a network of new ventures in medical technology. Peter joined Sensius to support the business development and funding of the company.


Onno Yntema is managing partner at Lavoisier, together with Peter van Paassen. He studied medical biology at the University of Groningen. Onno began his career with the vaccine division of Merck Sharp & Dohme. After a joint venture between Pasteur Merieux and MSD, he was appointed Country Manager in the Netherlands for this new organisation. After this beautiful and instructive period of more than ten years, he founded PreventCare BV. In a short time, PreventCare managed to build a reputation and organise large-scale vaccination programmes and administer modern medicines from biotechnology in the home situation. In 2010, he successfully sold PreventCare BV. In recent years he has been involved in several projects in health care, both as an advisor and as a participant. In addition to entrepreneurship in health care, he has a great passion for sailing. In 2014, Onno joined Lavoisier, contributing his medical and market knowledge to help realise the holding’s ambitions.

Advisors Physics

Sensius is pleased to be supported by Prof. Gerard van Rhoon, PhD and Maarten Paulides, PhD as advisor Medical Physics.

cv_gerardvanrhoonProf. Dr. van Rhoon obtained his B.Sc.-degree in Applied Physics at the HTS-Dordrecht, The Netherlands, in 1977. He obtained his PhD degree in 1994 at Delft University of Technology on the thesis “Radiofrequency Hyperthermia System, experimental and clinical assessment of the feasibility of radiofrequency hyperthermia systems for loco-regional deep heating”. He was appointed professor of Physical Aspects of Electromagnetic Fields and Health on 1st February, 2011. His current activities focus mainly on the application of local hyperthermia with the use of non-ionising electromagnetic radiation (“microwaves”). He is strongly involved in the development of the equipment and procedures to enable routine quality assurance for the application of both superficial and deep hyperthermia. Presently he is chairman of the Technical Committee of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology (ESHO).’

Dr. Paulides obtained his MSc-degree in Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2002. Hereafter, he joined the Department of Radiation Oncology at which he developed a clinical head and neck hyperthermia applicator under the guidance of Dr. GC Van Rhoon. This work led to his PhD (cum laude) in 2007 at Erasmus University Rotterdam on the thesis “Development of a clinical head and neck hyperthermia applicator”. From 2008, he is working as an assistant professor on further technology developments for clinical hyperthermia. As a part of this position, he visited Duke University Medical Center (Durham, USA) at the end of 2008 as a Visiting Research Scholar. In 2010, he received a Veni grant within the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of NWO. His current activities focus on the application of hyperthermia in general, with a focus on hyperthermia for head and neck tumors. His interests include enhancing the quality of the hyperthermia treatment, assessment of its clinical potential and various ways to incorporate magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and techniques.


De Lavoisier Group is a fast growing, flexible network of high-tech medical ventures and experienced entrepreneurs. The company is committed to developing emerging medical technologies into new products and successful market introductions. Innovation, acceleration, flexibility, market orientation, internationalization and cooperation are integral parts of the venture strategy. This solid strategy and years of investments in medical business development delivers De Lavoisier Group the skills to support entrepreneurs in building their own ventures in medical technology.

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