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Sensius does not treat patients and is not involved in any advisory if an individual patient will benefit from a particular treatment. On this page we provide general information about possibilities that are available. Patients should always consult a physician.

” Depending on the individual situation, the patient will be treated up to 5 sessions (so called “fractions”) which last each approximately 90 minutes. The patient lies with his or her back on a regular bed and a collar is placed around the head or neck area. Through carefully controlled radio-frequency waves, energy is transferred to the target area, which triggers the increase in temperature. The energy comes in small portions from different directions. The skin is cooled by streaming water in a flexible bolus (informally “bag of water”) which is placed between the device and the skin. The treatment, if cautiously administered under control of a trained physician, has no known additional toxicity (informally “no negative side effects”), although individual effects may emerge depending on the personal situation. The patient may feel discomfort during the treatment because of the increased temperature, equivalent to a fever. In virtually all cases, the discomfort will immediately disappear at the moment the energy stream is stopped.

head and neck treatment

There is now a strong evidence base for applying thermal therapy to treat tumors in the head and neck region. There are at least eight patient studies which show a significant benefit for patients to add thermal therapy to the conventional treatment (surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy).

At this moment, Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is the only clinic in the world which offers deep thermal therapy for treatment of tumors in the  head and neck area, using the HyperCollar3D in combination with Hyperthermia Treatment Planning and Preplan Adaptive Hyperthermia with VEDO. By means this solution, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute can control the therapy accurately, which is truly unique for this treatment. Erasmus MC Cancer Institute is treating patients with this therapy on a routine basis.

Dutch Patients – Nederlandse patienten

Patiënten die verzekerd zijn bij een Nederlandse zorgverzekaar kunnen alleen in aanmerking komen voor deze therapie in overleg met hun huidig behandelende arts. Deze arts zal contact moeten leggen met het klinische team van Erasmus MC Kanker Instituut. De behandelend arts dient de patiënt aan te melden, meer informatie is beschikbaar op de webpagina van het Erasmus MC.

Patienten met belangstelling voor deze behandeling moeten dit bespreken met hun eigen arts. Meer uitleg over thermische therapie of hyperthermie is beschikbaar via een algemene website van de ziekenuizen in Nederland die thermische therapie aanbieden.

Other Patients

Patients who are not insured in the Dutch Healthcare Insurance System may be eligible for this treatment, depending on their individual situation. Note that thermal therapy will never be applied as single treatment, but always in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Costs will have to be covered by the patient or his or her foreign health insurance. Eligibility will be fully determined by physicians of Erasmus MC in close collaboration with the treating physician in the home country. For inquiries, please contact the radiotherapy department of Erasmus MC.

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